Whitehall - Buildings that have been used in Films & TV

With its many public buildings, the area of Whitehall has been used for numerous films in the past. Buildings which are open to film directors as locations in Whitehall include the headquarters of the Department of Energy and Climate Change. Situated between Whitehall Place and Great Scotland Yard, its architectural style is typical for this part of London, giving location directors just the right look. It was used in the James Bond movie Skyfall, for example, when Daniel Craig's character stood above the London skyline, surveying it.

One Whitehall Place, which overlooks the River Thames has been used for period dramas in the past. The entire second floor of the building has been taken over for a location shoot by the BBC, for example. Part of the building is run as the Royal Houseguards Hotel and the Grade I listed venue, which was originally constructed in 1884, is bursting with character that makes it a favoured backdrop for filming. The hotel was shot in David Lynch's 1980 film, The Elephant Man, starring John Hurt. It also featured in Terry Gilliam's fantasy, Brazil.

Banqueting House, which lies on Whitehall itself, is actually part of the Historic Royal Palaces charity. This building, in common with some other London properties with regal connections, is available for filming and also opens its doors to television productions. Banqueting House dates back to 1619 and is probably Indigo Jones' most famous design in the city. It has a front façade of shiny Portland stone and is one of the only truly Renaissance style buildings of the era anywhere in the city.

Trafalgar Square is one of London's most iconic open spaces, with plenty of immediately recognisable buildings, situated at the northern end of Whitehall. Here, the location has been used for film's such as Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat, starring Tom Cruise. Just to the south of the square is the large Ministry of Defence building, off Horseguards Parade. This was used in the same film and also featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Unsurprisingly, in both films the location was used for a government department exterior shot.

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Located off Tothill Street, Central Hall Westminster lies a stone's throw from Parliament Square and has been used as a location for a Whitehall department building before. It is a grade II listed building with several roof terraces which allow shots over the London skyline, capturing some of the best landmarks, like Big Ben. It has featured in some blockbuster films, such as Calendar Girls and Jekyll & Hyde.