Holborn - Buildings that have been used in Films & TV

Sandwiched between Covent Garden and Farringdon, much of Holborn is associated with the legal professions today, although there is much more to it than barristers' chambers. Due to its often distinctive looking buildings, it has been much used by directors seeking a certain visual look or a period-appropriate setting for their shots. The former headquarters of Pearl Assurance is probably one of the most evocative in the district. With a grand Edwardian courtyard that is approached through large iron gates, the building is now a hotel, but has served many times for movies and TV series. In 1995, it was used for an adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III when it doubled as a hospital. A couple of years later, the building was used as a stand-in for the Kremlin in Moscow, when it featured in the Saint. The biopic of the life of Oscar Wilde also used the old Pearl Assurance building in 1997 for a scene in which the lead character was led away. The bar area of the hotel features in a scene from the Bourne Ultimatum of 2007 and the building also makes an appearance in Howard's End, the 1992 adaptation of E.M. Forster's novel.

In the east of Holborn, Stone Buildings, a series of terraced legal offices, was used for Basic Instinct 2, which was shot there in 2006. Just down the road from here is Lincoln's Inn Chapel undercroft which was the location for a wine cellar in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, from 2011. This location also featured in Basic Instinct 2 for scene where the two lead characters exchange phone numbers. The old-fashioned buildings within Lincoln's Inn Fields themselves have been used for many period dramatisations, despite the offices there being in constant use by legal professionals. Street scenes for Miss Potter, a drama of 2006, were shot there, for example.

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To the west side of Holborn is Freemason's Hall, an art deco building which replaced the previous hall there and which dates back to 1927. The home of the United Grand Lodge of England, it was used in the TV series Spy in 2011 as the organisation's headquarters. The interior was put to use as in the Saint, again for Kremlin scenes. It again took the role of a spy HQ in the 2003 comedy Johnny English, starring Rowan Atkinson. It can also be spotted in Green Zone, a film shot there in 2010. In Muppets Most Wanted, this versatile location was even used for a museum scene that was supposedly in Madrid.