Clerkenwell - Buildings that have been used in Films & TV

The bustling London district of Clerkenwell differs in character from the City of London, to the east, and Westminster, to the west. It has been used for many different television and film locations with some of its buildings representing other places and some being chosen because they are instantly recognisable. A good example of the latter is Smithfield Market. This Victorian building lies in the south of Clerkenwell and is now also occupied by architectural and design practices as well as still serving as a meat market. It is one of London's most iconic large buildings and has featured as a location many times in films. For example, it is in the background of the 1998 gangster flick, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. It also has a scene in the comedy Johnny English as well as Chaplin, a biopic dating back to 1992. However, in 2009 it was used to represent King's Cross in the period drama Dorian Gray, demonstrating its versatility.

To the north of the district, the Clerkenwell House of Detention has been used in movies before, but to represent other locations. This place was a former prison, as the name suggests, and it dates back to 1794, although it has changed in appearance since then considerably. It was a double for the underground network supposedly beneath the Houses of Parliament in Sherlock Holmes, of 2009. Equally, in 2014 it served as the main vault of Dublin's central bank for Muppets Most Wanted. Just down the road from here is the fairly anonymous St. James Walk, a street which was the location for Will's flat in the 2002 film, About a Boy. Just off Clerkenwell Road is The Artisan Of Clerkenwell, a restaurant which represented a New York eaterie in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, shot there in 2014.

Swathed in both actual and movie history, Clerkenwell is a brilliant place for both history lovers and film buffs to visit and work. Imagine seeing these famous buildings every day out of your office window or when walking to lunch.

One of the most used location buildings in all of London lies in Clerkenwell - the Farmiloe Building. A grade II listed vision of Victorian Gothic office architecture, it was designed by Lewis Henry Isaacs and completed in 1868. It was used in Batman Begins in 2005 as an interior shoot for Gotham City's Police Department fictional offices. In 2006, it again served that purpose for the Da Vinci Code, this time doubling as a French police station interior. Eastern Promises, a 2007 film, also used the interior for a restaurant scene. In 2009, the Farmiloe Building was again put to use in Sherlock Holmes, this time as a slaughterhouse. The Batman franchise returned in 2012, when it featured as Selina's flat.