Bishopsgate - Buildings that have been used in Films & TV

Located in the heart of the City of London, Bishopsgate is in the financial centre of the capital, full of tall skyscrapers and nineteenth century office blocks. The distinctive mix of new and old, modern and traditional, means that it is hard to obtain exterior shots that really look like this part of the capital without heading there to shoot on location. Many films have used the often narrow streets for exterior shots, such as Entrapment which featured the entrance to Tower 42, off Old Broad Street, in one of its scenes.

Broadgate Plaza, one of the newer developments in Bishopsgate, close to Liverpool Street station, has been used by Hollywood directors. The up-to-the-minute modernist architecture here featured in Jack Ryan - Shadow Recruit, for example, as well as a British movie, Last of the Blond Bombshells, starring Dame Judi Dench. Just over the road from Liverpool Street station, the exterior of the entrance to the Underground part of the station was a location for a Tom Cruise hideout in Mission Impossible, affording a very different, more old-fashioned look.

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Exchange Square is another site ideal for shooting City of London life. Full of bars and bustling restaurants, this part of Bishopsgate is great for capturing evening events in the city. It features in Run Fatboy Run, of 2007, and Fierce Creatures, another comedy. It can also be spied in A Long Way Down, when four strangers meet on the roof of a Bishopsgate building overlooking the city one New Year's Eve.

The City of London authorities need to be contacted to shoot in the street, but Liverpool Street station can also be used as a location in its own right. Its high Victorian architectural style, mixed with many more modern elements makes it unmistakably London in look and feel. It has been used for television adverts in the past and was also the scene for some location shoots for Stormbreaker, a film of 2006.

Drapers Hall on Throgmorton Street is another Bishopsgate location, close to the financial heart of the city. This versatile exterior was used in The Saint, from 1997, when it doubled for a building supposedly in Moscow. This is probably because it had already been used to represent a Russian location, this time St Petersburg Council Chamber, in the James Bond film, Goldeneye. Just a few metres down the road is 55 Bishopsgate, another iconic office building. This was the location for several shots in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets, filmed in 2007.